Saturday, December 12, 2009

Make the logo almost match this color on the sublimation.
I found this out in a retail outlet. I would like to use this idea for the TM Versus Logo and have the shield do this to some degree. Then I think we should make the color of the logo almost the same as a conservative golf shirt (like above). Maybe the shield can stand out a little more like a logo, but the entire design somewhat fade into the shirt color. I think this could really sell well yet we could design a little flair in it as well. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Babs - I was just looking through my notes and saw that we had talked about doing some bitmap shirts. Have you played around with that at all? Some of your other armor designs would look cool as black and white bitmaps too. Like maybe the one you did called "breastplate". Just a thought!
Babs - love your revisions and I agree about the mood board. I think it will definitely help to have a coherent "line" if you will. We definitely need to get some shirts on the website for the holidays, but after this round we should definitely start thinking more about the image of the brand. We could even have multiple "collections" if we want! I think that would be cool.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mood Board

When I am home in december, I really think we need to make a mood board! We need to have a more consistent "look" (i.e. color platte, pattern shapes, ect.) it will make us look more professional ect, ect. I think these shirts are great for now because we need'em now, but I'll try to put together something (with Maggie! :) if you want too) over my Christmas break.

If you see anything that you might like to add our mood board, just post it here and label it "inspiration" and we can Font sizeweed through it later.


Some Notes

Maggie - For the tribal shirt I would like to put that one on the back burner, something it not quite there yet for me for that one. I tried changing the colors around and some other things but...I need time to seriously mess with it and I just dont have it right now so lets not use that one on the website. I just was messing with it today. You can kinda see where I am going, trying to mess with it, resemble a breast plate of some kind...

*Faded Sheilds- I have adjusted their colors on the jpegs. You can see'em above. Kind of more neutral, subtle, hopefully wont be so scary for some ppl to wear.

Where is the black and white gradient shield! That was hot! Please print that one! :)
Also I think for the ones that say "Versus Apparel", I think just "Versus" would be stronger.
What do you think Maggie?

For my designs, let's do the black and white versions as well on the site.

Love the "Faded Shirt 3" gamecock colors! brilliant!

*As for the Orange armor, print it on both side anyway and see how it looks. It might not need to be lined up perfectly...(or it might need to, we should try it out and see what works). If its dumb we can just do it on the one side.

That's it for now, please post any feedback!


Hey guys. Here are the shirt designs that we are going to print. I spoke with Amelia from Vapor Apparel and I'm not sure if we can easily do the all-over pattern prints. I think we'll have to wait on that.

Babs - there are still a couple that I need from you. The hoodie with the riveted armor on the sleeves and the shirt with the Versus shield pattern growing up from the bottom hem. For the hoodie - I don't think we'll be able to do a wrap-around design on the sleeve right now. So it will just have to be a "V" shape (let me know if you think this will look good). Also, the orange armor design below will have to be printed only on the front of the shirt (for now). After talking to the Vapor people, I don't think it will match up the way it should if we try to print front/back over the shoulders.

Let me know what you all think about some of the color variations I've come up with. I tried to do some that are more subtle.

VERSUS fade #1

VERSUS fade #2

tribal shields #1

tribal shields #2

hoodie with foiled shield

phenom with patterned sides

VERSUS shield fade #1

VERSUS shield fade #2

VERSUS shield fade #3
VERSUS shield fade with text

armor #1

armor #2

armor #3

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

While we register TM needs to be added to our logo. Please think about this
Is this the final logo?

This would be the final logo minus the sizes. Let's finalize. Tag lines can be added and removed, but the crux of our design should be the shield, agreed?

Imagine Versus on the runway
Imagine the media possibilities

Our own launch event in in the works

Versus Live

This is a Sublimation Logo

This is a plasticol heat transfer

This is a custom Scull Cap. All over print is possible.