Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Notes

Maggie - For the tribal shirt I would like to put that one on the back burner, something it not quite there yet for me for that one. I tried changing the colors around and some other things but...I need time to seriously mess with it and I just dont have it right now so lets not use that one on the website. I just was messing with it today. You can kinda see where I am going, trying to mess with it, resemble a breast plate of some kind...

*Faded Sheilds- I have adjusted their colors on the jpegs. You can see'em above. Kind of more neutral, subtle, hopefully wont be so scary for some ppl to wear.

Where is the black and white gradient shield! That was hot! Please print that one! :)
Also I think for the ones that say "Versus Apparel", I think just "Versus" would be stronger.
What do you think Maggie?

For my designs, let's do the black and white versions as well on the site.

Love the "Faded Shirt 3" gamecock colors! brilliant!

*As for the Orange armor, print it on both side anyway and see how it looks. It might not need to be lined up perfectly...(or it might need to, we should try it out and see what works). If its dumb we can just do it on the one side.

That's it for now, please post any feedback!

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